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“Climate Change and what we can do” 

Date:   Wednesday, April 21 @ 12:05-1 PM                       THE DAY AHEAD OF EARTH DAY

 Time:  40 minutes  with time for questions.  

Dr. JEFF LEWIS will host and set up the Zoom presentation.

Summary of the presentation:

Here on Vancouver Island we are already experiencing the negative impacts of climate change with summers being hotter and drier and winters bringing more intense storms and flooding.  Our ocean sea life and salmon are struggling and the sea level is rising.  We are causing our climate to change because the fossil fuels that we burn for energy and transportation pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses.  These greenhouse gasses trap earth’s heat and destabilize our climate.  This presentation will describe the impacts of climate change that we are already experiencing locally and discuss many things that we can do to avoid more extreme climate change.     

 Dr. Lewis Biography

 Dr. Jeff Lewis is a faculty member in the Geography Department at Vancouver Island University (VIU), where he teaches earth and atmospheric sciences. Jeff has expertise working with large- scale climate models used to predict past and future climatic trends. He is also a faculty mentor for the Awareness of Climate change through Education and Research (ACER) project, a university based initiative to promote a greater understanding of the science and social implications of climate change to students and the general public throughout Vancouver Island and coastal BC.

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